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sharing atoms (Music video | 4 min | 2021)

Music video für Waldskin.

When Manuela clears out the atelier of her deceased friend, she is overcome by memories and emotions. Luckily the band Waldskin are there to help her cheer her up with their intoxicating sound.

This music sequel to the film "The End of Innocence" by Daniel Best Arias immerses the character of Manuela once again deep into the emotionally charged roller coaster ride of the loss of a close person with the song "Sharing Atoms“.


Wanda Winzenried

Waldskin with Maryam Hammad, Aurèle Louis & Nathan Gros


Director & Editor Daniel Best Arias

Cinematography Emanuel Hänsenberger

Artwork Miler Ramirez 
1st AC Raphael Schulze-Schilddorf
Gaffer Yoro Tobler

Best Boy/Grip Noah van Dok

Colorist Ian Oggenfuss
Driver Isabelle Samper Alturo

equipment sponsors

Viktoras “Kuka” Zemeckas, Fabian Seiler, Daniel Loepfe, Christian Witschi & Claudio Sulser (KameraWerk Winterthur)